How to Get Around the Yucatan?

Basically, there are two options, either by plane or by bus.

The most popular choice, is to take the Westjet direct flight into Merida. This flight path only runs, once a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from December until April. There are several other airline companies that also fly into Merida, the most common have layovers in Mexico City, Miami or Houston.

The other option is flying into Cancun, which has one of the largest airports in the country and has the best chance of finding cheap direct flights!

​Upon arrival in Cancun, we suggest taking a luxury bus from the airport or the Cancun bus terminal straight into Merida. It is approximately a four-hour drive with several trips daily. Taking the bus is much more affordable option then renting a car in Cancun.

Average cost for one way platinum bus is 900 mxn pesos which includes all the toll fees (about $60 CAD). There are two tolls on the highway between Cancun and Merida. These tolls are cash only and must be paid in Mexican pesos.  However, when taking the bus, all the fees are included in your ticket.

Snowbirds Mexico also offers a pick up service. Please contact Snowbirds Mexico for a quote for airport/bus pick up, drop off and grocery stop options available. 

How To Get to the Beach House

There are several options available for transportation to your beach house; car rental, uber or Snowbirds pick up service.  We suggest hitting the grocery store in Merida before arriving at your slice of paradise. Merida grocery stores, such as Chedraui or Costco stock the best selection of local and international items. There are also grocery stores within the towns along of the Yucatan Riviera, but if you want the comforts of home, stop in Merida first!

Chedraui, Sams and Costco also have an inexpensive and extensive selection of liquor. If you have opted for delivery service from Snowbirds Mexico and don’t have a membership to Sams or Costco, no worries we’ve got you covered. 

Tip: A pre packed box of wine with six bottles of Malbec or Sauvignon Blanc from “Finca Las Moras” is about $649 mxn which is about $7 CAD a bottle. This hot buy is only available at Costco.

Once you book a property through Snowbirds Mexico, you will receive a confirmation email which will include the location and driving instructions for your beach rental. On the day of your arrival, a member of our team will be waiting for you (at a previously discussed time), at your slice of paradise. We will give you a tour of your home, give you the keys, sign the contracts and answer any questions you may have!