What to Expect

The beauty of the Yucatán Riviera is that its still a hidden gem. The state of the Yucatán does not have the high cost of living as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta does and is still very affordable to live, eat and play; which makes it the perfect destination spot for so many travelers looking for long term rentals at affordable prices.

Language: Spanish is the main language spoken by the locals. Some locals may also speak some Mayan. However, not everyone speaks English but the locals are very kind, understanding and will do everything in their power to assist your needs. We suggest learning a couple phrases, such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you'.

Water: Although tap water is not safe to drink anywhere in Mexico, bottled water is available at very affordable prices.​

Temperature: It really depends on what time of the year you travel to the Yucatán Riviera. The winter months, on average are around 30 degrees celsius and the summer months average around 35 degrees celsius.

Currency: The Mexican Peso​  

Money: The "dollar sign" $ is also used to designate pesos, which is often confusing when you see a bottle of wine for $100. Don’t be alarmed, once converted its only about $8 Canadian!​ Although credit cards are accepted in most businesses in Mexico, some of the best taco stands and shops are cash only. It is best to have some pesos on hand. 

You have a few options in addition to having your credit cards;

1. Bring your debit card and take out money at an ATM. Check with your bank to see what the international fees are.

2. Bring Canadian dollars to be exchanged in Mexico. Try to avoid airport exchange booths as they often give a terrible rate.

3. Bring Mexican pesos from your home. We suggest checking your local exchange spot and also contacting us for the best rate. Often times, the rate is better in Mexico than in Canada.​

Always remember to let your financial institutions know you will be traveling during which days to avoid any blocks on your cards.

How much cash do I need?

Only you know how much you spend and in Mexico your cash will take you a lot farther than at home. If you require additional services, such as cleaning, massages, bike rentals, laundry, taxis or item rentals, these items will need to be paid in cash.